Abanico Restaurante

Vila Real
Description / Facilities

Pleasant, welcoming atmosphere for tasting traditional Spanish and Swiss dishes.

House Specialities:
- Cod à la maison
- Veal loin on a slate plate with whisky
- Fondue Chinoise
- Fondue Bourguignonne
Address: Rua Casimiro de Oliveira, n.º 3 5000-590 Vila Real
Phone: 259351162

18 Mar 2020

18 Mar 2020

International Circuit of Vila Real

Vila Real is a city in the country with the greatest tradition of urban racing cars. The "Circuit of Vila Real" is in the blood of the Vila-Realenses and,...

Christmas Exhibition

The year 2013 gave way to an event that aims at continuing over time in the lives of the Vila Real people and those who visit the city during Christmas:...
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