Abel Martins Restaurant

Description / Facilities
Wellcoming space with traditional meals, localizes in Várzea. Delight yourself with roasted Codfish in the oven, Rojões Rojões (chunks of lean pork with garlic, salt, pepper, wine and bay leaves), Cozido à Portuguesa (beef, pork and chicken meat, Portuguese smoked (or blood) sausages, vegetables) and Papas (pork, chicken and cow meat, pork blood, corn flour, caraway, salt).
Address: Rua do Fráz, n.º 715, 4755-521 Várzea, Barcelos, Portugal
E-mail: mhelenafmartins@gmail.com
Phone: 253832793
Becken Filipe - Fine Art Classes . Art . Commissions

Becken Filipe - Fine Art Classes . Art . Commissions

02 Sep 2019 to 31 Jul 2020
Becken FilipeFine Art Classes . Art . CommissionsDrawing Classes, Anatomical Drawing and Oil...

01 Jul to 30 Sep 2020

House of Pereira da Fonseca

Two-storey house, built in the early 19th century, located between Barjona de Freitas and the Barreta Streets.

Paço Square

The Paço represents the seat of the "Republic of Braga" extinct in 1790 by the order of the queen of Portugal, Maria I. Although the definition of the Paço...
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