Adega do Chico Restaurant

Description / Facilities

It is a warm and familiar restaurant, located next to the building of the Bombeiros Voluntários de Caminha (Volunteer Fire Department) and the medieval wall of Caminha. The restaurant “Adega do Chico”restaurant gives priority to fresh fish from the Atlantic coast. It is known for its “Bacalhau à Chico” (codfish). Opening hours: 12:00h to 15:00h  - 19:00h to 22:00h
Address: Rua Visconde Sousa Rego, nº30 - 4910 Caminha
Phone: 258921781
Antiques Market, Collectibles and Collecting of Caminha

Antiques Market, Collectibles and Collecting of Caminha

20 Jan to 15 Dec 2019
The market of Antiques, Collectibles and Collecting, takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month...

03 Oct to 30 Nov 2019

Clock Tower

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Caminha Walls

The oldest walls of Caminha dating from the eighteenth century, during the reign of King Afonso III. In the fourteenth century John I endows the fortress of...
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