Adega Real

Vila Nova de Cerveira
Description / Facilities

Traditional cuisine


Fish: codfish, octopus, lamprey and shad

Meat: Rojões à minhota with rice of sarrabulho and roast Lamb

Sweets: Crème brûlée

Spanish services.
Address: Terreiro
Phone: 251795366

04 Jun to 24 Aug 2019

18 Sep to 16 Nov 2019

Rua Queirós Ribeiro (Queirós Ribeiro Street)

The Queirós Ribeiro Street communicates with the old road line that followed in direction to Valença. The density of constructions reveals its antiquity and...

Cais do Rio Minho (Rio Minho Quay)

Cais do Rio Minho (Rio Minho Quay)In front of the quay of river Minho it is located the main fishing area for the Vila Nova de Cerveira and Goián (Spain)...
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