Adega Sousa Restaurant

Description / Facilities
Located in a rustic house with an excellent view of the Felgueiras city, this space offers regional food in a simple and very welcoming atmosphere.

Try the roasts in firewood even.
Address: Cimo de Vila, Rande, Felgueiras
Phone: 255341286

13 to 20 Apr 2019

26 Jan to 19 Jul 2019

Eurocircuit of Lousada

The place is provided with all the facilities required to carry out several motor sports events.It has a four kart tracks in asphalt, in clay and mixed.

Adega Cooperativa de Lousada (Cooperative Winery of Lousada)

Inserted in the Gourmet Route, the Adega Cooperative de Lousada (Cooperative Winery of Lousada) is the first Cooperative Winery of Vinhos Verdes and...
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