Bolívar Restaurant

Description / Facilities
Here you can delight diverse starters, from Rojões (chunks of lean pork with garlic, salt, pepper, wine and bay leaves), breaded Pig or roasted pork sausage. Then you have the main courses such as Papas de Sarrabulho (pork, chicken and beef, pork blood, corn flour, caraway, salt), Bacalhau à Bolivar (cod, house speciality), stew Kid and roasted Pig's leg.
Address: Urb. Da Espinheira C.C Bolívar, 4750-148 Arcozelo, Barcelos, Portugal
Phone: 253814910

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

Iron and Similars Route

This handicraft is much appreciated by the variety of pieces. The raw material, hard by nature, originates objects of rare beauty and aesthetic presence....

House Vilas Boas Sampaio (Municipal Archive)

Situated at the nº 48-56 Fernando Magalhães St.. Although its precise dating is difficult, most of the building probably dates from the 17th century.
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