Ponte de Lima
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Budapeste results from the union of two cities but in this Budapeste, means the union of cultures. A good opportunity to travel to new and old flavors reinvented in each dish.
Address: Via do Foral Velho de Dona Teresa nº 1652, 4990-012 Ponte de Lima
Phone: +351924480777

25 Mar 2020

15 Feb 2020

Horse Ride «From Quinta de Pentieiros to Serra de Arga» - 4

Circuit 4 Departure: Quinta Pedagógica de Pentieiros (Ponte de Lima)Arrival: Quinta Pedagógica de Pentieiros (Ponte de Lima)Distance: 25.8 kmAltimetric...

Feira da Lampreia e dos Sabores de Ponte de Lima (Market)

This festival happens to promote the lamprey of Lima River. Since the earliest days of the year til the end of Spring, we can taste all the dishes that are...
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