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Breaking with tradition. That's how Buffalo- Grill and Bar has become a gastronomic reference for the most demanding and deliberately curious palates.

All dishes are prepared with simple ingredients and with high quality reflecting the profile of innovative and modern cuisine. With an original environment, every service offered is thoroughly dedicated to the wellbeing of the customer.

IT has two rooms with completely different atmospheres (Rustic and Urban), a mixture of aromas, flavors and textures combining smell and
taste sensations
. Buffalo provides the costumers with simply the best from East to West.  

Our challenge is focused on the presentation of new dishes and our own creations with outstanding food quality - all of this for a fair value for money! From Tapas to Foreign Beers, from our magnificent Grill to our Gourmet Burgers, not forgetting our top delicious desserts,  Buffalo- Grill and Bar has in offer a wide range of national and imported products, all to indulge you with the most exquisite experience.

With a fantastic and dedicated cooking team, whose motto is innovation, we are responsible for the introduction of novelties which will surely win your nod!

The perfect harmony between atmosphere and food will undoubtedly make Buffalo- Grill and Bar your next choice!
Address: Lugar da Folia , Remoães, 4960-330 Melgaço
E-mail: BUFFALO_grill_bar@mail.com
Phone: +351251418190

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024

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