Carne Maronesa D.O.P.

Vila Real
Description / Facilities
It is in the pastures of the region delimited by Marão, Alvão and Padrela that this indigenous race feeds, and there are the particularities of this area which gives to the Maronesa D.O.P. meat unique organoleptic characteristics, making it a top product, which is distinguished by the tender texture and unique flavour that comes to the table of consumers. For these features to be truly savoured the Maronesa meat should only be seasoned with salt. Be sure to try this specialty and if you allow us to suggest, accompany with a mature red wine of Adega Cooperativa de Vila Real.
Address: Associação de Criadores do Maronês, Cooperativa Agrícola de Vila Real, Apartado 276, Abambres 5000-261 Vila Real
Phone: 259378143

13 to 27 Jul 2019

03 Sep 2019

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