Casa Borges

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Restaurant with a huge tradition in Ponte de Lima, preserved its original façade and the kitchen is the sight of all. The cook is the landmark of the restaurant. With traditional methods she still does the best flavors of traditional cuisine limiana. Closed on wednesdays.
Address: Lugar do Carvalho, Correlhã , 4990-295 Ponte de Lima
Phone: +351258942442

27 May to 31 Oct 2022

07 to 12 Sep 2022

Big Bar

Bar with young atmosphere. A great place to be with friends. Enjoy the view to the river.

Percurso do Rio ( river circuit)

General Characteristics:Distance: 2.5 km.Duration: 1:15min.Type:small route.Level of difficulty: low.Departure / Arrival: Centro de Interpretação Ambiental
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