Casa estrela

Viana do Castelo
Description / Facilities


Dinner, lunch, free Wi-Fi, full Bar, outdoor Tables, parking available, reservation, seats, Serves alcohol, off-street parking, travel, television, Waiters, wheelchair access, wine and beer.

Address:  R. Mateus Barbosa 60A 4900-508 Viana do Castelo
Phone: 258024668

20 May to 01 Aug 2022

Parque Natural do Litoral Norte

Located in Vila Franca, north of Portugal 43.5 miles from Porto, 3.7 miles from Viana do Castelo, 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and 0.62 miles from the...

S. Paio de Antas Menir (Antas)

Granite monolith in the region, shapely, phallic-looking, without any decoration with 1.65 m tall.It features a tilt to the south, a position that...
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