Description / Facilities
The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Central is ready to serve you. Come and visit! 

Specialty: Fafe Roast Veal
Average price: 8.00€/10.00€
Address: Rua João Crisóstomo, 4820-266 Fafe
Phone: 253590758

09 to 12 Jul 2020

15 Feb to 27 Jun 2020

Casa do Santo Velho

The Casa do Santo Velho is one of the oldest noble houses in Fafe, listed as a public interest building. It dates back to the late 17th century. What...

Praia Fluvial e Parque de Merendas de Docim

Fafe offers several natural outdoor and leisure places where you can enjoy yourself and relax!
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