Cozinha regional Tasca do Chico

Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Description / Facilities
Cozinha regional Tasca do Chico - The owner of this rustic tavern is an experienced forest guard and expert hunter, so there, many times Chico, himself, who gets from the forest, hunting and wild mushrooms that his wife turns into gastronomical delights sought by  faithful customers in various parts of the country. Boar or stewed veal with stewed wild mushrooms, goat or piglet roast in the oven to "transmontana” manner, or the famous codfish “mineiro” manner, are the house specialties (although right at the smokehouse and the goat cheese of the starters, and in the vegetable broth with chestnuts, it envisions the mastery of the cooker…
Address: Largo do Cruzeiro, nº 4, 5450-296 Tresminas
Phone: 933626144

05 Jan to 28 Dec 2023
"Árvores Vigilantes do Tempo", de Fátima Carvalho

"Árvores Vigilantes do Tempo", de Fátima Carvalho

18 Jul to 01 Oct 2023
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