D. António Ferreira Gomes

Description / Facilities
With a quiet and central location in the city of Penafiel, the D. António Ferreira Gomes Restaurant is integrated in the Penafiel Park Hotel & Spa, characterized by a contemporary design décor. It was inaugurated on 10 November 2007.
The traditional Portuguese cuisine is recreated by the Chef, the traditional palates are based in the Atlantic`s best cuisine and can be appreciated, enjoying the magnificent views extended through the horizon.
-Offers daily Buffet Service and à la Carte Service.
- Average price 18, 00 € / 25, 00 €
- Opening Hours: 12H30 --- 15H00
                  7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
- Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
Address: Penafiel - Penafiel
Phone: 255710100
Municipality presented New Brand

Municipality presented New Brand

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Mini guide of Marco de Canaveses

Mini guide of Marco de Canaveses

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