Di Nando

Ponte da Barca
Description / Facilities

Modern Italian Food Restaurant with excellent service. It also has economic dishes for the day to day.

Specialty: "Pastas" and Meat

Time: 12h-15h00 18h00-22h00

Capacity: 60 seats
Address: Rua do Emigrante, Edifício Afonso III,4980-648 Ponte da Barca
Phone: +351 258 455 473

09 Oct 2022

06 to 09 Oct 2022

"Vale do Lima" Kayak Adventure

... to get a different perspective in communion with the nature of a river that gives life and supports one of the most beautiful landscapes of Alto Minho...


Canoeing consists in descending of the river mountains with different levels using several technics and forms to overcome natural difficulties (waterfalls,...
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