"Fortaleza" restaurant

Description / Facilities
Located on Avenida Dr. Ramos Pereira on the beach in Vila Praia de Ancora, the Restaurant Fortaleza works with selected ingredients, from fresh fish (caught off our coast) to good quality meat, the kitchen enhances the concept of gastronomic culture .
Indulge yourself with the proper cod braised Octopus in Olive Oil, Seafood Rice, Cataplana Robalo Chop Mirandesa a Kid and roast in the oven.
Address: Av. Dr. Ramos Pereira 81, 4910-547 Vila Praia de Âncora
E-mail: rest_fortaleza_vpa@sapo.pt
Phone: 258915276

10 to 13 Sep 2020

18 to 20 Sep 2020


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