" Foz do Minho" Restaurant

Description / Facilities
Situated at the mouth of the Rio Minho, where the river and the sea meet, 1,5 km from the town of Caminha, priveligia with easy access by EN13.
A modern and welcoming environment, with magnificent views over the River Minho, Monte Santa Tecla, in Spain, and the Pinhal Camarido, whets the appetite for offering traditional dishes such as lamprey, the Codfish Foz do Minho, or the Robalo our roast à la planche coast.
Closed on Friday the 4th and 5th Dinner Friday, excluding Easter month of August.
Address: Lugar de Esteiró - 4910-605 Vilarelho
Phone: 258921784

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024

Foz do Rio Minho Beach Footbridge Trail

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