Description / Facilities

Restaurant "Mercantil" has a strongly regional nature of kitchen is the famous roast kid of Armamar, that stands out. Accompanied with the excellent wines of the Douro region. The "Commercial" puts at your service a properly air-conditioned room Banquet, Weddings, Christenings, among other parties.
Address: Mercado Municipal 5110-121 Armamar
Phone: 254851469

30 Sep 2019 to 30 Jun 2020

30 Sep 2019 to 30 Jun 2020

Feast in honor of São Romão

The feast is in is honor of Sao Romao on the 9th of August, the patron of the parish.

Outdoor Pools

The outdoor and the indoor pools are joined together and are facing the Douro valley. It has two water tanks: a large one, oval in shape and a smaller,...
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