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It is the house with more tradition of Entre-os-Rios. Keeping the usual facilities, with a slight modernization, the ground floor room with the traditional fireplace, cozy and filling easily. On the first floor another room, with more natural light, from whose windows you can see the Douro and Tâmega rivers, which are very close together. Good amesendation and impeccable service, professional and friendly. Through the air hangs that aroma of the good things that remind us of our traditional food. And it is precisely what we serve in this gazebo, whether the soup of warm vegetables, or a potent bacalhoada, or the traditional veal or the cabritinhos roasted in a wood oven, with roasted potatoes, oven rice and sauteed vegetables. Another tradition that the Miradouro is one of the exponents of the region, in its time, the fried shad potato and the excellence of the lamprey, be it in its malandro rice, or to bordaleza, the most appreciated, made to order. The region's white wines, white and red, perfectly accompany any of these delicious dishes.

Address: Eja - Penafiel
Phone: 255613422

19 Jul 2020

31 Jul 2020

Cais de atracagem de Entre-os-Rios

Entre-os-Rios Pier Mooring

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