O Aldeão Restaurante

Vila Real
Description / Facilities
Located in the center of town

Specialities: “Francesinhas” (sandwich made with fillet steak, ham and smoked sausage covered with cheese and a spicy sauce), Steak and traditional dishes.

Average price per person: 10 € and Day`s Special = 6,5 €

Capacity: 53 people

Opening hours: 08h00-02h00

Closed on Sundays

Address: Rua D. Pedro de Castro,nº70/ 5000 - 669 Vila Real
E-mail: oaldeao@gmail.com
Phone: 259 324 794 / 963 11

14 Aug 2022

House of Diogo Cão

The construction of this House is believed to date to the 15th century, where according to conveyed tradition, Diogo Cão was born, the famous Navigator...

Festival of the Emigrant and the Communities

In early August, the city of Vila Real promotes a festival dedicated to all emigrants and all those who, around the world, return to their origins during...
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