O Arado – Macrobiotic Restaurant

Description / Facilities
The Arado intends to be a work tool, integrating several activities developed through the times, beginning with the restaurant.

It's a different concept which presents on its menu Tofu à Brás (tofu mixed with chips, eggs, garlic, onions, curry and parsley), Fruity Seitan or Lentils curry, among others.
Address: Rua Barjona de Freitas, 54 , 4750-265 Barcelos, Portugal
E-mail: te@macroarado.com
Phone: 938721445

24 Sep to 02 Oct 2022

Municipal Swimming Pools

Here you can assist to several sports in the pavilion or in the court of tennis

House of Garcia Maciel (Building of the BCP)

A two-storey building, located at the nº 31 of the Avenue of Liberdade, dates from second half of the 18th century.
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