O Cantinho Restaurant

Celorico de Basto
Description / Facilities

There is as good a place as your home is so tasty food like your mother ?
Do you know any place where the food is so good has your mother's food?

Yes , O Cantinho ! Culture and taste in one place.
Address: Celorico de Basto
Phone: 255321118

02 Jan to 17 Dec 2020
County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

24 to 26 Jul 2020
Mondim explodes, cyclically, in its County Festivals, universal heirs of ancient and nostalgic...

Urban Park of Freixieiro

The Riverside of Celorico de Basto constitutes one of the biggest potential of landscape, touristic and recreative in the village. It?s a place with great...

Casa da Roda

A casa da Roda was the place where were collected rejected children, to be delivered to other women, or charity organization.  This system has been in...
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