O Videira Restaurant

Arcos de Valdevez
Description / Facilities

Closed from Tuesday to Thursday (all year except August - only tuesdays and wednsdays) and October  

Opening Hours: 12h - 15h / 19h - 22h

Capacity: 40 seats


Meat Cachena

Cozido (stew made of boiled meat with vegetables), (on on winter weekends)

Codfish Videira manner

Cachena meat and Rive with Beans

Roasted Lamb in the oven (on summer weekends)

Codfish Lavrador manner
Address: Eiró - Soajo
E-mail: videiras.turismo@gmail.com
Phone: 258576205

02 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

05 May to 29 Dec 2019

The “Grade” Tower or “Faro” Tower

The construction of this monumental space, which began in some perspectives during the roman period (pharo place name), have been held in the 15th century...

The “Soajo”’s Pillory

A National Monument since 1910, the "Soajo"?s pillory is a simple prop up, clogged with an anthropomorphic face and a triangle at its top, evoking a...
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