Panorâmico A Montanha

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
Situated in one of the most bucolic mountain village, this typical restaurant, situated in a strategic place with a beautiful scenery, has typical appetizers and traditional dishes. Closed on mondays afternoon.
Address: Lugar Pedra Fendida, 4990-725 Rendufe, Ponte de Lima
Phone: +351258757154

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020

18 and 19 Apr 2020

Travanca – The Legend of Travanca

The legend of Travanca, associated to the Travanca battle, goes back to the years following the Reinstitution of the Independence. During these troubled...


In 1909, the pillory was destroyed and all its pieces scattered. Mayor Narcizo Alves da Cunha decided to gather them and to rebuild it.It consists of a...
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