Parque Cerdeira

Terras de Bouro
Description / Facilities
Looking towards Gerês, Parque Cerdeira is a relaxing retreat with stunning views over the mountain, and rivers and lakes around us. We have to offer gastronomic options based upon typical traditional products and a wide range of accommodation offers such as camping, caravanning, collective rooms and bungalows, perfect for holidays or even day trips. Camping Cerdeira provides environmental tourism services and a range of activities. Many of the mountain passions starts here, beautiful surrounds and nature at your finger tips.
Address: Rua de Cerdeira, 400 Campo do Gerês 4840-030 Terras de Bouro
Phone: 351253351005

11 to 14 Oct 2019

07 Dec 2019

Boco Bridge

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Parque Cerdeira

Parque Cerdeira - Turismo da Natureza25 years - Memories with lifeAccommodation: Camping, Caravaning, lodgment in Bungalows and Collective rooms. 17 acres...
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