Quinta de Cepêda

Description / Facilities

Quinta de Cepêda is located on the left bank of the river, on the top of a hill. It is an imposing house ready to welcome and to satisfy visitors with the most intense desires. Surrounded by a bucolic landscape, you will find the guarantee of an absolute quietness and the pleasure of the perfect contact with nature.

GPS coordinates: N 41 ° 12 '31' 'O 8 ° 19' 03 ''

Events: Wanting to be part of the most important moments of your life, Quinta de Cepêda has at your disposal all the necessary conditions for the accomplishment of your parties. Share with us: Baptisms, Birthdays, Weddings, and more...

Companies: In a differentiated environment we have at your disposal all the means and conditions necessary to carry out events aimed at the business world. Organize with us your meetings where we privilege professionalism. Seminars, Debates, Colloquiums, Conferences and Dinner Sports: The stressful days we face are increasingly driving us to seek physical and leisure activities.

With a privileged natural setting, Quinta de Cepêda offers an unlimited number of outdoor initiatives in more than 44,000 m2: Games, Trainings, Tennis, Internships and Competitions.

Address: R. de Cepêda 4560 Penafiel
E-mail: contacto@quintadecepeda.com
Phone: 96 451 36 33

24 Sep to 09 Oct 2022

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