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Celorico de Basto
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The Região Demarcada dos Vinhos Verdes is one of the biggest and oldest delimited regions of the world. Standing in the north-west of Portugal, confines in itself the large experience of generations concerning the art of making distinct wines.

 The Basto region, located in the Região Demarcada dos Vinhos Verdes, takes with own merit, a limelight place in the Vinhos Verdes production.

The Garantia das Quintas has its vineyards in the best solo and exposure and, as a result of a meticulous vinification work, it obtains harmonious, distinct and modern wines, capable of transmitting full pleasures when consumed.

Created in 2004 by the common will of different entities, the Garantia das Quintas dedicates its activity to the production and commercialization of several products in the winegrowing area. Moved by a huge passion and dedication of its members, the products produced and represented by Garantia das Quintas, prestige the company prevailing the sense of its name: Garantia (= guarantee).

The vast vineyards with 40 hectares of integrated protection production, lies mostly in Celorico de Basto. It is a familiar Company.

In 2013 was built a brand new wine cellar in Quinta de Santa Cristina, in Celorico de Basto, that also allows the most curious to visit us and a tasting room.

We have a portfolio with 3 brands. The Quinta de Santa Cristina has 4 white wines (a selected choice white wine and 3 Regional Minho: Alvarinho, Alvarinho-Trajadura and Loureiro-Alvarinho), a rosé and a red wine. To complete this brand, we also in our portfolio 3 sparkling brut wines: white, rosé and red.

The Séquito is a wine in a lower level (and price) with White and rosé.

Finally we have a white wine to export, Santa Cristina, with a young and challenge image.

We have wan several prizes in many contests but really the wines speak for themselves so we invite you to taste them.
Address: Quinta de Santa Cristina, Rua de Santa Cristina, 80, 4890-573 Veade, Celorico de Basto
Phone: 229571700

03 Feb to 29 Dec 2022

03 Feb to 15 Dec 2022

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