Quinta do Pôpa

Description / Facilities
Purchased in 2003 as «Quinta do Vidiedo», in 2008 changed its name to Quinta do Popa. It was then started a new cycle, structuring a dynamic project able to bring you the Douro products in all its splendor.

Located in the heart of the Douro, in the hot and dry Cima Corgo region, the Quinta do Pôpa is blessed with a quality soil – in which rise the vineyards planted on the terraces of the hills that make company to the Douro River - a favourable climate and noble grapes.

Address: Estrada Nacional 222, 5120-011 Adorigo, Tabuaço
E-mail: geral@quintadopopa.com
Phone: 915678498

13 Jun 2021 to 31 Dec 2022

14 to 16 Oct 2022

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