Real Restaurant

Description / Facilities
The restaurant present several plates, some grilled specialities like Ribs or chicken. However if you don't want to, you also have Loin or Codfish, served in different ways.
Address: Rua Santa Catarina, 4750-395 Carapeços, Barcelos, Portugal
Phone: 253882824
Becken Filipe - Fine Art Classes . Art . Commissions

Becken Filipe - Fine Art Classes . Art . Commissions

02 Sep 2019 to 31 Jul 2020
Becken FilipeFine Art Classes . Art . CommissionsDrawing Classes, Anatomical Drawing and Oil...

21 Feb to 31 Dec 2020

Barcelos river front/ Barcelinhos river beach

The Cávado River stands out from Barcelos landscape and it has several potentialities such as for the rest and environmental and sports activities.

Barcelos, Sala de Jantar do Minho

There are several reasons to visit Barcelos, one of them is the gastronomy, which is part of its identity. There are several plates you must taste: Rojões...
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