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Arcos de Valdevez
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The ”Rebuçados dos Arcos” (Sweets of Arcos) of popular origin, similar to other sweets from different parts of the country. They are prepared from caramelized sugar, shaped in a mould of a rod or cylinder cut into pieces of about 3 cm long. They are wrapped in light-colored tissue paper and they are sold individually.The original recipe is now secret owned by Doçaria Central.

Address: Rua General Norton de Matos 47
Phone: 258515215

23 to 25 Aug 2019

07 Jul to 08 Sep 2019

“Lapa”’s Church

The cult of "Nossa Senhora da Lapa" (Our Lady of Lapa), of "Beirã" origin, supposedly arrived to the village around 1758, the temple?s erection being...

Our Lady of Lapa Festivities

The implementation in 1758 of the Our Lady of Lapa (Nª Srª da Lapa) Cult in the village of "Arcos de Valdevez" stimulated the erection of a religious temple...
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