Recanto dos Carvalhos

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Did you imagine it possible to eat a Lavrador or Cappucha pizza? In Recantos dos Carvalhos, in Gralheira, one of the specialties of Italian cuisine has been converted into the genuine vocabulary of the people of the Serra do Montemuro, in order to make it more familiar to the people of that parish, a dish that escapes regional cuisine, explained Alfredo Rodrigues, owner of this restaurant.
If you chose to enter Cinfães through the Serra do Montemuro, this establishment run by the young couple Alfredo and Elizabete Rodrigues will invite you to savour, in addition to this 'foreign flavour', what is the most typical and tasty of the gastronomy of this region.
The intention of this house located in Largo dos Carvalhos, is to bet on what is more genuine the land offers, from vegetables, meats, to red and mature wines. Here the interiority does not constitute an obstacle to the imagination, since from the rice of sausage, the plates of oven, pizzas, the meats stew or the simple slice of cornbread, everything is thought to please even the most demanding palates.
Specialty:  Portuguese Stew / “Arouquesa” Steak / Pizza;
Average price: € 16 / dose
Time: 12h / 23h;
Seating capacity: 100 (Tables: 23)
Director: Alfredo Rodrigues
Address: Largo dos Carvalhos - 12, 4690-300 Gralheira
Phone: +351255571566

14 to 16 Oct 2022

16 Oct 2022

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