Remo Restaurant

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It is located in a privileged area next to the Ferry-Boat boarding location that makes the crossing to Spain in La Guardia. It provides a panoramic view over the Minho River Estuary and the Santa Tecla Mountain, in Spain. It is already a reference in Portugal, with its specialties such as “Delicia the Bacalhau à Chefe” (codfish) and “Parrelhada de Peixe” (several fishes). Opening hours: Closed on Mondays dinner, and the Tuesdays, except Holidays, 15th Jul-Sep. From 10:00h -14:00h. It also has Bar services, Internet Wifi, Parking.
Address: Av. Dr. Dantas Carneiro - 4910-103 Caminha
Phone: 258722707

19 Jan to 20 Sep 2022

19 Jul 2021 to 30 Sep 2022

Praia da Arda/ Bico

Is a superb and extensive Beach protected by a dune system, the water sports surf and body board put on a map of the most frequented beaches in the North...


"Caminha 4X4", organizes sightseeing tours in jeep, showing the beauty of the region, passing trought the dirt roads of farmers, hunters and lovers of all...
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