Restaurant Piano Bar O Castelo

Description / Facilities

Restaurant Piano Bar O Castelo
The restaurant is situated in a privileged area next to the castle in the historic area of Montalegre Village. It is a nice space that combines perfectly the rustic with the modern.
Specialties- The gastronomic style that offers us a variety of traditional dishes prepared with first quality products: smoked pork, smoked sausage, smoked ham, “alheira” ( sausage made with meats and bread), veal, etc. Some of its tastiest and recommended dishes are “ barrosã” morsel , grilled veal barbecue with  sautéed potatoes and cabbage. And yet the ham “açorda” (ham and bread stew). For Fish is recommended the grilled cod and the trout from River Cávado, stuffed with ham accompanied by baked potatoes and peppers.
Address: Terreiro do Açougue 5470
Phone: 276511237
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