Restaurant Rabagão

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is 15 km from Montalegre Village, a simple space but with a family atmosphere, here while you are enjoying your meal you can see the pictures on the walls made by the hand of the owner who is also the cook.
Specialties- the restaurant Rabagão prepares succulent and delicious dishes since the traditional “barrosã” kitchen to the new trends in cuisine prepared by the hand of the owner. Among the many dishes you have at your disposal, the” barrosã” stew which is composed of: nail, ear, leg, jaw, smoked ham, “sangueira” (blood sausage), meat smoked sausage, chicken, vegetables and potatoes. The roast ham that is smoked and then goes to the oven, “feijoada à transmontana” (meat, beans and vegetables stew).  He prepares a dish with steak, ham, pork steak coated in egg and breadcrumbs accompanied by chips, a juicy steak (house specialty).
Concerning fish, the “Rabagão” codfish or stuffed with ham codfish.
Address: Estrada Nac.103 5470 Viade de Baixo
Phone: 276555207
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