Restaurant Rocha

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is located in the small village of Paredes do Rio, in the parish of Covelães, 16 km from Montalegre Village. The quality and experience of the owners are more than 20 years already evaluated by the service of gastronomy. The family tradition combined with the professionalism continue to offer tasty foods.
Specialties- If you want to enjoy a good regional cuisine, be sure to taste the “Barrosã” stew composed of pork, head, leg, belly, ham, smoked ham, smoked sausage, “farinheira”( flour sausage) and veal accompanied by cabbage, potatoes and beans rice . The “feijoada à transmontana” (meat, beans and vegetables stew), homemade sausage, homemade “rojões” ( fried pork meat), the “barrosã” piece of meat with baked potato, “cabidela” rice (homemade  chicken rice with blood) and “ em cascas de carvalho” barbecued veal , “bacalhau na caçarola”(cod cooked in a pan), the stuffed or grilled trout and salmon complete the menu of this restaurant.
Address: Rua das Almas Paredes do Rio
Phone: 276566147
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"Momentos - O percurso de uma visão desconstruída da vida"

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“Permanências”, exposição de fotografia de Otelo Rodrigues

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Pisão de Paredes do Rio

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Moinhos de Paredes do Rio

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