Restaurant S. Cristovão

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is located in Venda Nova, 36 km from Montalegre, in a pleasant location with beautiful views of the dam of Venda Nova. The space is very cosy and is inserted into the Motel, here you can relax and delight with the rich and varied cuisine made available by the hand of its owner.
Specialties- Surrounded by a cosy atmosphere, we can enjoy authentic the real  “barrosã” cuisine, like the” barrosã” morsel and  chop, veal and roast loin, “feijoada à transmontana” ( meat, beans and vegetables stew), steak ( house specialty), roast lamb and the Portuguese stew composed of smoked ham , cabbage, smoked sausage, ham, veal, accompanied by potatoes and cabbages.
Concerning the fish we suggest the stuffed codfish, hake and the fish fillets.
Address: Venda Nova 5470 Venda Nova
Phone: 253659387
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