Restaurant Sabores

Description / Facilities

Athough the space  is not very large it is very cozy with original decoration and the layout of the tables ensure  privacy. The aspect  of the tables is modern and nice, with a personal touch concerning crockery.

The menu offers several options  that range between fresh or dried fish, red meat and black pork. In the hunting season we excel in pickled in  brine partridge and stewed pheasant. Good and quality service without being  excessive.

The wine list provides  good   variety / price ratio. The Restaurant Sabores select, every week,   two wines named  wine of the week,  one  white and one red, well suited to the dishes of the menu.  We also  excel wine in  glass with different options white, red or sparkling as well as the fortified  wines.

Highlight goes to  the chef’s table concept, which depends on the inspiration of the kitchen  staff . A restaurant to stay and enjoy  camly.
Address: Lodeira – Cortes
Phone: +351251648888

06 Jan 2019 to 27 Dec 2020

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