Restaurant Tasca do Açougue

Description / Facilities
A new and different place that emerged just a few months, situated in the historical area of Montalegre village. A pleasant space with a rustic architecture in harmony with the modern features of the decor. A nice and pleasant place for those who want to "have a snack" the very best of barrosã cuisine.
Specialties- The gastronomic offer of Tasca do Açouge is based on all location products. It consists of the snacks of the region, where you can appreciate the ham, the smoked sausage, the pork ear, the “picadinho”, the octopus, etc ... in terms of food you can delight with “ Barrosã” chop  with baked potatoes and peppers . Also the grilled and onion codfish are part of the menu.
Address: Terreiro do Açougue, 5470 Montalegre
Phone: 276511164
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