Restaurant Terra Fria

Description / Facilities
Situated in the centre of Montalegre village, it is a pleasant restaurant where the rustic and the modern are mixed harmoniously, the establishment is endowed with a great decor with elegant details.
Specialties-In restaurant Terra Fria, you can enjoy a great culinary offer, where you can`t let to taste as meat dishes: the grilled veal peace of meat from the barroso marshes accompanied by baked potato in the oven and vegetables. Barrosã stew, which is composed of sausages such as smoked sausage, “sangueira” (meat and blood sausage), pumpkin sausage, leg and pork ear and pig, with potatoes and vegetables. Stewed or roasted lamb. For fishyou have at your disposal, Terra Fria cod made in the oven with baked potato. Grilled codfish with baked potato.
Address: Rua Dr. Vitor Branco 5470 Montalegre
Phone: 276512101

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