Restaurant Terrace Casa do Lago

Mondim de Basto
Description / Facilities
It is in this place with a privileged view of Our Lady of Grace where we started, a unique experience of passion for this unique profession, a real feast of senses and flavours celebrating mainly the pleasure of being, to receive and  to eat well.

We created in this beautiful and comfortable space, the environment that invites you to taste, relaxed, elaborated dishes with dedication, getting the best out of the flavours of the land.

The result was the ideal compromise between simplicity and richness found only in genuine flavours, guaranteed by the freshness and quality of raw materials.

Our experience, gives us to know in the preparation, then confirmed at the time of the meal, when the aroma, flavour and texture of foods reflect its authentic origin.

Follow us in this tasting trip, where your palate will be seduced by the excellence of flavours. You will fill attracted by a surrounding environment, where you surely hear them in the distance ... in our beautiful Monte Farinha, guarded, cherished and protected by our Mother, Our Lady of Grace ...

Rest Day: None

Capacity: 70pessoas inside / outside 70 people
Address: Rua do Barrio- nº 26
Phone: 255381065

31 Aug 2022

03 Feb to 29 Dec 2022

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