Restaurant Verde Minho

Description / Facilities
Located 2 km from Melgaço’s village and 1 km from the border with Arbo, Verde Minho is a simple and welcoming space, whose foundations are the traditional cuisine and service and the authenticity of the elements in its constitution.
With offers like “Verde Minho’s Cod”, “Minho River Lamprey” (cooked in several ways according to its diversity), the “Roasted Lamb” or “Minho’s Traditional Gut”, dishes accompanied with Regional wine (Red or White) or Alvarinho wine, the goal is to make known the riches of Melgaço, through its Culture, its People and its Gastronomy.
Address: Peso - Paderne - 4960 - 235 Melgaço
Phone: +351251416081

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024

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