Restaurante Adega Avelino

Description / Facilities

The Cellar Restaurant Avelino was born in 1966, opposite the entrance to the Parque das Termas, as owners, the couple Avelino Novais and Maria Dolores. In 1967, she moved to Rua Dr. Pandya Kings. In 1968, he moved again to the center of the village, then, more precisely in Rua Dr. Pereira Caldas (Queen Street), where it still is today. In 1986, die Avelino Novais, and his widow, Maria Dolores, continues the business, with the help of all his children. However, only one would be the caretaker of the family business, Albano Agostinho, which inherits from his father, the merchant skills in culinary area by initiating a new dynamic and doing the cellar Avelino, one of the best and most renowned restaurants in the municipality of Vizela. His specialties are: Pork Minho style roast veal in oven and Bacalhau à Avelino.
Address: Rua Dr. Pereira Caldas, 4815 - 516 Vizela, Portugal
Phone: 253584324

30 Jul to 04 Aug 2019

30 Mar to 16 Nov 2019

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