Restaurante Albufeira

Marco de Canaveses
Description / Facilities

Restaurant / Seafood where you can find fresh fish for delicious grilled fish dishes like succulent meat dishes, and where the cod is king.
Address: Rua Rainha Dª Mafalda, 709 - S.Nicolau
Phone: 255534420
Municipality presented New Brand

Municipality presented New Brand

11 May to 31 Dec 2019
Marco de Canaveses has, as of May 11, a new brand. In an event held in the Auditorium of the...

28 Sep 2019

Visitar a Igreja de Santa Maria (Visit Santa Maria Church)

The Igreja de Santa Maria is one of the most distinguished works of the modern era with recognized international value in Marco de Canaveses. The project is...

Bridge of Esmoriz

Intended to allow the passage of people and animals within the territory of Ancede, the Bridge of Esmoriz is located almost within sight of two of the...
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