Restaurante Canario`s

Vila Real
Description / Facilities
Traditional cuisine restaurante.

Specialities: traditional dishes

Capacity: 90 people

Other information: dishes à la carte and low cost meals  

Address: Rua Visconde de Carnaxide nº 24 R/C - 5000 Vila Real
Phone: 259 372 253 / 935 86

03 Feb to 29 Dec 2022
County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

22 to 25 Jul 2022
Mondim explodes, cyclically, in its County Festivals, universal heirs of ancient and nostalgic...

Municipal Library of Vila Real

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 09h30 until 19h30. Saturday: 09h30 until 12h30  Closed for Lunch Re-opens at 2h00 until 6h00

Alvão Natural Park

As the name suggests, this Protected Area is in the Alvão mountain range, or rather, lies in the Marão and Alvão ranges, and part of it is in the grey area...
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