Restaurante Casa Real

Arcos de Valdevez
Description / Facilities

Closed: Wednesdays and first two weeks of November

Opening Hours: 12h – 15h / 19h – 23h

Capacity: 220 seats


Roasted Lamb

Cozido à minhota (Minhota stew made of boiled meat with vegetables)

Octopus in olive oil

Cachena Meat and Rice with Beans

Roasted Lamb in the oven

Codfish Lavrador manner
Address: Pedrosas - Guilhadeses 4970-195 Arcos de Valdevez
Phone: 258522216

05 Feb to 30 Dec 2020

Lombadinha’s Track

Between "Lombadinha" (Gondoriz) and "Oucias" (Carralcova), on the west slope of the mountain set of the Peneda and Soajo?s hills, it is worth following a...

The Church and the Stone made Cross (crucifix) of Mercy

In 1595, the Brotherhood of Mercy was founded in the village, an event that promotes the edification of the first temple, completely reconstructed in 1710....
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