Restaurante "O Beça"

Santa Marta de Penaguião
Description / Facilities
Located in the heart of the Douro Vinhateiro, we are a typical restaurant that preserves the flovors of the past.

One of our main specialties is the stewed rooster, a dish that crosses several generations. With a very peculiar taste, seasoned with aromatic herbs and watered with several wines, the rooster is accompanied with boiled potatoes.

We have to offer you other specialties such as roasted codfish, Mirandesa steak and Cabidela (chicken blood rice). Costumers can taste our famous tripe every Wednesdays.

Come and taste the true Douro tradition.

Opening hours: Everyday from 05hoo to 02h00

Reservations: some specialities

Capacity: 80 people

Address: Portela de São Gonçalo São João de Lobrigos
Phone: +351 254 104 109

07 Feb 2020

30 Sep 2019 to 30 Jun 2020

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