Restaurante Pintor Pobre

Description / Facilities
Specialities: chicken blood rice and duck rice

Average price per person 15 €

Opening hours: 12h00-15h00 and 19h00-23h00

Address: Rua S. Miguel, n.º263 4785-528 Santiago de Bougado
Phone: +351 252 494 253

19 Nov 2019 to 26 Jun 2020

13 Mar to 20 Sep 2020

Souto de Bairros (Bairros Thicket)

The Souto da Lagoa and the Souto de Bairros occupy most of the alluvial valley of Bougado, former possession of the King.  The "Reguengo de Vougado", is...


Igreja Da Lapa (Lapa Church), which dates from 1772 - a simple and modest church, just like the fishing community which had it built and which here worship...
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