Restaurante/Pizzaria Afonso

"Duas Sementes"

"Duas Sementes"

11 May to 15 Aug 2022
The Ecomuseu de Barroso is pleased to announce the exhibition "Duas Sementes", (two seeds) by...
X Troféu BTT "Acácio da Silva"

X Troféu BTT "Acácio da Silva"

25 May to 03 Jul 2022
The 10th edition of the BTT "Acácio da Silva" trophy is back on July 3rd.This year the event...

Ecomuseu de Barroso - Espaço Padre Fontes

The Ecomuseum of Barroso intends to position itself as an anchor of the strategy of integrated and sustainable development of the territory "barrosão"....

Roman Bridge of Vila da Ponte

"Vila da Ponte" has a lengthy history. Described in archaeological remnants and heritage that will found in the pedestrian path of Via Romana. The bridge...
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