Restaurante Ramada

Santo Tirso
Description / Facilities
Specialities: codfish with cream, hake fillets with bean  rice,  roast lamb and “rojões” (bits of fried pork with patatoes).

Capacity: 200 seats

Day off:  Monday
Address: Av. da Ramada,131 - 4780-099 Burgães
Phone: 252.852227

27 Sep 2019 to 19 Jan 2020

19 Oct to 15 Dec 2019

Chapel of S. Roque and Urban Area

Because of an outburst of plague, the local people of Alfena built the chapel of S. Roque in 1599, as a promise. It is dedicated to S. Roque, protector...

Ponte Romana (MN)

The Roman Bridge, is classified as a National Monument since 1910. Built during the Roman period, was part of the track - which connected the Roman military...
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