Sabores Do Lima

Ponte de Lima
Description / Facilities
With diversity in the gastronomic menu, with emphasis on the traditional cuisine, this restaurant has a modern decor and excellent customer service. Closed on mondays except in the summer.
Address: Largo Doutor António Magalhães nº 78. 4990-057 Ponte de Lima
Phone: +351258931121

07 to 12 Sep 2022

17 Aug 2022

Ecovia das Lagoas: Ponte de Lima – Fontão

Establishes the connection between the town of Ponte de Lima and Ribeiro da Silvareira in Fontão, limit of Ponte de Lima.Location: Ponte de Lima - connects...

Torres de S. Paulo e da Cadeia e o pequeno pano de muralha

Monument of Public interestIt was Dom Pedro I, in the 14th century, who ordered the fortification of Ponte de Lima. At that time, the town was a walled...
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